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December 31, 2010

New year's eve fireworks 2011

New year's eve I hung out with friends and photo club members alike to shoot the fireworks display at the Forks.
December 28, 2010

Power97 Power Babe shoot #1 winners

December 26, 2010

Over the past six years of my career I've never submitted any of my photos for contests or awards. The main reasons being because I judge several contests a year and also because it's been tough to find the time while working more than full time.

However, I was recently nominated for a Media award in tourism for the 2011 Tourism Awards!
This is extremely exciting for me as I was nominated by one of the many companies I've worked with for years. it's great to receive this kind of recognition for my work, especially in tourism as my passion for my city and province is so deep that I dig into my pockets every year to find new ways (such as my helicopter charters) and new types of photography to present Winnipeg and Manitoba in special ways.

Huge thanks to my nominators O Tours and especially to Michelle G!

December 25, 2010

Happy Holidays!
Happy holidays to all my family and friends and anyone else who checks this BLOG out!
I hope you're all well and having a great holiday season!

December 21, 2010

The full details including registration form and pricing are now available on my Going pro 2 seminar page.

December 18, 2010

Commercial event photography for the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba : Day 3 of 3
December 18, 2010

Commercial event photography for the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba: Day 2 of 3
December 20, 2010

Architectural photography for 5468796 Architecture of their 575 Balmoral project.

December 18, 2010

Commercial promotional photography for the Red River Ex Association: Canad Inns Winter Wonderland light show display

December 17, 2010

Commercial event photography for the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba: Day 1 of 3
This is the first in a three day contract which I have done for the last several years with the JFM where they give out hundreds of thousands of dollars to local charities and organizations as part of their endowment fund.

December 14, 2010

Victoria Beach fall 2010

I've finally had some time to process a personal gallery! Yay!
This one is from Victoria Beach where my fellow large format photography shooter Tim invited me out. Sadly we got there a bit late so I decided to shoot digital instead of taking the 4x5" out of the SUV but I'm still pretty happy with these.

December 13, 2010

I often get requests to do presentations to companies, associations and schools but when my alma mater calls I always put them on top of the list!
Today I gave a brief overview of my career and how much my alma mater (Collège universitaire de Saint-Boniface) helped me with everything I had learned back in the day.

December 13, 2010

Today I planned and executed another large event for my WPGphoto community: A large Christmas party with over $1000 in door prizes from both Don's Photo and Henry's Photo/Video as well as a massively successful secret Santa print exchange where there where over 130 photos exchanged by multiple photographers.
I myself participated and got some great prints in the exchange!

December 12, 2010

Over the last couple of months Power97 has been running a contest where you can win a model shoot with me and I've now done two shoots with several really fun girls! This is one of those shoots.

Warning: This is a fairly sexy shoot which I don't often show on my BLOG so please be warned (and don't judge me too harshly! :-)

Power97 PowerBabe shoot #2

December 12, 2010

After the official Power shoot, Christina felt so comfortable with me that she decided to do a nude shoot, something she's never done before but did amazingly well at!

Warning: This is a nude shoot which I don't often share on my BLOG so please be warned (and don't judge me too harshly! :-)

Christina - Naked in the Exchange

December 11, 2010

On the heels of the announcement of my new Going pro 2 seminar, I just received some new feedback on last year's session from someone who just bought the Going Pro 1 DVD box set.

From Darrin B:
"I just thought I’d offer a bit of feedback after going through your “Going Pro” DVD… perhaps if others are considering what they might gain form it, this might offer some extra insight.
The main reason I purchased the DVD is for the content and the topics covered. One of the things that struck me was your openness to share your knowledge and experiences with others. Many photographers wouldn’t be as forthright to guide people as to how to get into the business.
The time and aggravation saved by knowing how to set up your business was invaluable. From invoicing, release forms, bookkeeping, etc... Much of what you need to know in getting started and promoting yourself in the business - and those are just a few of the topics covered.
To say the least, it pays for itself many times over. Thanks. "

December 10, 2010

I've just firmed up the date for a new professional development seminar, similar to a very popular one I ran last year.
This year's "Going pro 2" is exactly what you need if you're thinking of getting into the photography industry locally or abroad. I talk about everything from the specifics of how to price your photography (everything from wedding, product, commercial to prints and stock) as well as how to get clients, write contracts, invoices and everything else you'll need for a photographic career!
Click here for more information: Going pro 2

December 8, 2010

After my interview for the Red River students a couple of weeks ago I got some amazing feedback from them which I really want to share:

From Debbie:
"Hey Dan,
Thank you so much for all your help on Tuesday. You have no idea how helpful and awesome you really are.
In all honesty we learned more in those four hours than we have in the last couple of months of school. Somehow the way you explain things and the examples and stories you used made things click for me. Seeing your work flow, back-up system and ridiculous computer set up (I was happy with my one 27" mac up until then) was awesome. A lot of what they've taught us in school made sense once you started explaining how you did things and why. I will try not to go on too much about my thoughts on your work, I'm familiar with a lot of your stuff and have always admired it, seeing it in person (that huge print in your office leaves me speechless) was so cool. Although we were there to learn about "marketing", I learned about so much more. I think that when I decided to do this as a business and go to school for it I've started shooting for "work" - be it homework or money and not for the fun of shooting. Seeing your night photography (especially the northern lights) makes me want to go shoot. Not for an A and not for a buck, just for me. I want to go freeze my butt off and get that shot. You know, the one to hang in my house and love, not worry about what others think of it."

From Krysten:
"Thanks so much for taking the time to meet with us the other day! It's really rare that you run into a photographer who is as forthcoming and helpful as you were."

From Stephen:
"Hey Dan,
It really was a great time!! I was blown away over and over again throughout the afternoon.
Thank you so much for introducing us into the world of professional photography.
It was very kind of you to share so much information with us. I greatly appreciate all the REALlife examples of the kinds of work you do as a photographer.
Honestly, I feel like you have just taught us all the most important aspects of the business we won't be learning in school. And also, most importantly, you have inspired me to get off my ass and get shooting like crazy haha.
I'm going to join the WPC right now."

From Tama:
"Thank you very much Dan, you were really informative! You totally went above and beyond what we expected!"

December 7, 2010

Power97 photo shoot for "Power Babe" contest winners.
For the last couple of months I've been involved in a contest with Power97 where female Power listeners have the chance to win a photo shoot with me.
Today had only two girls due to cancellations but the two girls where GREAT! So much fun!

December 6, 2010

Commercial group portrait for Festival du Voyageur

November 30, 2010

Too busy to BLOG:
I guess I've been busy because it's been almost two months since I last updated my blog.
I recently bought a house, new SUV and have had several multi-day photo shoots as well as an out of town shoot that have all been keeping me busy. I hope to make a permanent studio out of part of my new house in the near future but that's going to take a lot more time!

For those of you asking all the past MTS Centre events are coming up soon. They'll be added to the archives below as they are completed.
Thanks to all of you who have kept up with me over the last two months. I'm still getting to some of the emails so I'll chat with you soon!

November 29, 2010

Family portraits for gifts and Christmas cards

November 28, 2010

Photos de spectacle pour les Chiens de Soleil: FakeLook

November 26, 2010

Corporate head shots for the Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation

November 24, 2010

It's amazing in this market but I just sold another copy of my "Going Pro" DVD box set which is still available here in limited quantities: Going Pro DVD set

Here's what Darrin had to say just hours after buying it: "I've been working my way through your DVD and I gotta say that the wealth of information it contains in the first part alone is invaluable."

Huge thanks and props to all those who have already bought one. I know just how hard becoming a photographer is in this market. It lost me two very special girlfriends and has cost me time with friends and family so I hope these DVDs help you learn from my mistakes and guide you through some of the tougher times. And as always, feel free to get in touch for some photo-therapy any time you need it!

November 23, 2010

Interview for Red River program

Often, by email and while shooting I get asked for tips, tricks and advice, but today I was asked to take it a step further and do an interview with several students (6) from the Red River College Photography Program.
This was for one of their assignments and we ended up going well beyond their questions with other professional information, tips and advice.
What originally would have taken about 30 minutes turned into a five hour sit down over coffee! (The funny thing was that everyone forgot to drink their coffee! HA! Maybe the conversation was good then!?) Basically it was just like going out for drinks with friends and talking about photography the whole time.

All of the students seemed to appreciate the information and one even commented that "You went over in an hour what we've been going over all semester". t's always nice to feel that you actually helped someone.

Huge thanks to all the RRC students (Debbie, Tamara, Shawndra, Robert, Krysten and Stephen) for the opportunity to talk shop. Good luck with the assignment and with your photographic futures! I'm sure we'll be shooting together soon! (Think starscapes)

November 22, 2010

Architectural photography for 5468796 Architecture

I really like shooting architectural photography but only get the chance to do it on occasion. Today was great because the house I was shooting was spectacularly designed so it was a treat to photograph!

November 20, 2010

Concert photography: Ozzy Osbourne

I got foamed by Ozzy! My Ozzy foaming experience

Very few artists engage photographers during concerts. One of the only ones that comes to mind recently was Kiss who played to the camera but normally artists just ignore photographers. This was not the case with Ozzy Osbourne.

Myself and the other photographers had received advance information from both the venue and the artist's management prior to Ozzy coming on that "Ozzy loves his foam cannon and will pull it out during the 3rd song and if you're around, he'll get you!" But, I thought to myself, how bad can it be? His aim can't be that good anyway! I was wrong.

It was myself and two other photographers shooting, Dave for the WFP and Marcel for the WPG Sun. They had both noted that they where going to take off to the far sides for the 3rd song but I wanted a better shot than that. I was completely ready to sacrifice my dryness and my gear for this shot, just as before in several lighting storms, shooting from roofs and other similar experiences.

Now, before you think I'm crazy for potentially ruining tens of thousands of camera gear, these cameras are both rated to take a rain shower and I've had them both in rain and snow storms and they have never had an issue. So, I made an experienced decision, even knowing that a foam cannon could pack more power behind it, to put them in harm's way and I was ready to take the responsibility. We where warned, that was my choice and I didn't want to shy away from a potentially cool shot and experience.

So, going into the 3rd, I knowingly stuck around even when I saw Ozzy pull out the foam cannon, which sent Marcel literally sprinting away but I was stupidly thinking why run away from such a unique photo opportunity and experience?
So, pretending like I have the superpower of being invulnerable to foam I kept shooting right under Ozzy's nose until I decided to change positions and that's when he got sight of me. He focused his aim on me and pummeled me with foam as I started to dart away out of human nature but then turned around and kept shooting after the initial onslaught. Sadly my cameras where so soaked with foam after taking a direct hit that I couldn't see through them but I did get some shots after a quick cleaning.

It's now five days later and the cameras are working perfectly fine, a huge thanks to their weather protection!

November 16, 2010

Light Fleet heavies
- Quick group and portrait session

After the CUSB shoot I offered a quick photo session to the Light Fleet crew as a way of giving back to our fire & ambulance workers.

November 16, 2010

Commercial photography for CUSB

This was a very interesting and also quite different project for CUSB. It comprised of taking photos of an ambulance in order for a health care course to be able to talk about all the different components in French. This is also part of an ongoing project to improve service in French by the WRHA which is extremely important.

November 14, 2010

Event photography: Cesar MIlan

November 9, 2010

Event photography: Travel Manitoba's 2010 AGM (Annual general meeting)

On a personal note to this event I will sincerely miss you Hubert, thanks for all the support over the years!

November 4, 2010

Event photography: Power97's Guys Garage

November 4, 2010

Archival photography for Creswin Properties of the new Blue Bombers stadium site by the U of M

Visually there isn't that much going on other than lots and lots of dirt removal but this marks the first of many visits for me on a long term contract with Creswin to keep an archive of the new stadium property. I was given a security badge and training so I don't get run over by any of the trucks that are very prominent there.

November 4, 2010

Photographie d'événement pour le CDEM: Departure d'Annie

November 1, 2010

Promotional and archival photography of the production: Caillou for Paquin Entertainment

November 1, 2010

Photographie éditorial pour Éditions des Plaines de l'auteur Annette Saint-Pierre

October 25, 2010

Destination photography: Commercial portrait photography for the Nelson House Educational Authority

October 25, 2010

Flight to Thompson, MB for a commercial shoot in Nelson House, MB

Today I fly out to Thompson, MB in order to rent a car and drive out early tomorrow morning for a shoot for the Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation in Nelson House, MB, which is about 40 minutes outside of Thompson.
I've been absolutely blessed to have been able to travel to Nelson House now twice this year to work for the NCN! This time is for a one day project (last time was four days) to get shots specifically for the educational authority.

October 24, 2010

Concert photography: Great Big Sea

October 23, 2010

Sports photography: WWE

October 22, 2010

Photojournalistic event coverage of Centrallia, Day 4 of 4

October 21, 2010

Photojournalistic event coverage of Centrallia, Day 3 of 4

October 20, 2010

Photojournalistic event coverage of Centrallia, Day 2 of 4

October 19, 2010

Photojournalistic event coverage of Centrallia, Day 1 of 4

Centrallia is one of those amazing events that we're lucky to have here thanks to the huge efforts of some amazing Winnipeggers. The event itself brings in heavy hitters from all around the world in order to introduce them to the local companies that can help them in business to business meetings. A very cool event and extremely good for the Winnipeg/Manitoban economy.

October 18, 2010

Portrait photography of CJOB radio personality (and all around fun guy) Hal Anderson for the HSC Home Lottery

October 18, 2010

Commercial environmental portraiture for the University of Winnipeg, Day 5 of 5

October 15, 2010

Corporate portraits for Morrison Hershfield

October 14, 2010

Commercial photography for the Industrial Technology Centre, Day 2 of 2

October 13, 2010

Commercial photography for the Industrial Technology Centre, Day 1 of 2

This is a two day project for each of the separate divisions of the ITC to get photos for their web site, brochures and all of their other media.

October 12, 2010

Commercial environmental portraiture for the University of Winnipeg, Day 4 of 5

October 7, 2010

Photographie d'événement pour le CDEM (Conseil de développement économique des municipalités bilingues du Manitoba): AGA

October 7, 2010

Concert photography: Brad Paisley

October 6, 2010

Commercial environmental portraiture for the University of Winnipeg, Day 3 of 5

October 5, 2010

Commercial environmental portraiture for the University of Winnipeg, Day 2 of 5

October 4, 2010

Commercial environmental portraiture for the University of Winnipeg, Day 1 of 5: 2011-2012 Research publication

In 2009 I took on a huge project with the U of W, a five day photo shoot which would see solely my photos span across a huge research publication with a shelf life of two years. That publication and those photos can be seen here: U of W Research 2009-2010

I am completely honored to have been chosen once again to do the photography for their 2011-2012. Shooting for a client once is great, but shooting for a client time after time is an honor because you know they trust you, like your work and working with you! That's the type of consistency that helps to build strong relationships and also to have a lot of fun with photo shoots! (Which last year, lead to a photo of a person eating a brain [made of jell-o!])

October 3, 2010

Commercial lifestyle photography: Barkman Concrete - Day 11

October 1, 2010

Corporate head shots for the law firm Tapper Cuddy

September 30, 2010

Commercial lifestyle photography: Barkman Concrete - Day 10

September 30, 2010

Commercial portraiture for the Rehabilitation Centre For Children Foundation Inc/FASD

September 29, 2010

Commercial portraiture for CJOB

For anyone who knows me I tend to use the term "expensive tie wearing people" as a metaphor for people of major importance in their rolls. Normally you won't find five of these people lifting another one but in the case of CJOB, nothing is normal!

September 29, 2010

Model photography: Power97 "Power Babe" winners.

Many people I meet know me from different places: some know me as "that guy I met running", "that guy who is the official photographer for ________(The MTS Centre, CMHR, Hooters, Festival du Voyageur) and so on and so on...But one of the places many people know me from or have heard about me from is Winnipeg's Best rock station: Power97. And I sure am proud to shoot for a station that I also listen to the music all the time.

I only shoot model photography on a very specific basis now (only due to time limitations) but today found me fulfilling a very fun contest through Power97 where a handful of girls who submitted their photos to become a Power Girl, got to win a photo session with me. The shoots where really fun and all the morning show DJs: Wheeler, Philly and Rena all got in on the action.

Huge thanks to Power and their great staff for all the support over the years!
Photos from this session will be up later in October.

September 28, 2010

Commercial lifestyle photography: Barkman Concrete - Day 9

September 27, 2010

Commercial/Family photography

I don't photograph weddings, families or general portraits anymore, wanting to concentrate on the commercial and event work that I do more often, but one of the best parts of being a photographer is the diversity in my job. From culture and community to family and friends, being able to photograph and help people of all kinds is absolutely spectacular!
So, when friends or family from "the old school", those who I went through kindergarten to high school with, call me up I'm more than happy to help and reconnect.

Today I photographed Jody's family, Jody being someone I went to school with from kindergarten and her mother being a school trustee needed photos.

September 27, 2010

Commercial lifestyle photography: Barkman Concrete - Day 8

September 26, 2010

Commercial lifestyle photography: Barkman Concrete - Day 7

September 25, 2010

Commercial/photojournalistic event photography: Culture Days

September 24, 2010

Wow! What a crazy day!
Four separate shoots today made for a very busy day especially after I had to submit some to the Winnipeg Free Press and also send some via FTP to a client in Saskatoon.
This is just a taste of what the news wire guys do, wow! Much respect!

September 24, 2010

Concert photography: Slash

September 24, 2010

Commercial/photojournalistic event photography: Culture Days

September 24, 2010

Commercial/photojournalistic event photography for The Forks North Portage: Sod turning event at Fort Garry

September 24, 2010

Commercial portraits for the HSC Lifestyles Lottery

VERY funny Winnipeg connection here: Today I photographed both Hal Anderson from CJOB and Holly Bausman from Power97 for another one of my clients who I shoot the HSC lotteries for! Very funny to have one client ask me to shoot another but very cool!

September 23, 2010

Concert photography: Arcade Fire

September 21, 2010

Commercial lifestyle photography: Barkman Concrete - Day 6

September 18, 2010

Today I hosted the Winnipeg Photo Community garage sale & expo at the MTS Centre.
The event was a HUGE success with over 100 people lining up at the doors and somewhere around 400-500 people attending during the day.
The greatest part was that there where always 20 people or more at the workshops which was our first time offering them this year.
HUGE thanks to my mods: Shannon and Shawn who volunteered their time throughout the day as well as a special thanks to both Don's Photo and Henry's Photo/Video for their support!

September 17, 2010

Wedding photography: Simon and Catherine

Over the last year I have completely declined the over 40 weddings a year I was asked to shoot, accept one: My running partner Simon!
Congratulations to both you and Catherine on your wedding day!

September 17, 2010

Today I was on the radio, both Power97 and CJOB to promote my photo communities' garage sale and photo expo tomorrow at the MTS Centre.

September 14, 2010

Concert & live band photography: Justin Bieber - Jasmine Villegas

Tonight I photographed Justin Bieber at the MTS Centre and all of my friends and peers laughed at me joking that it wasn't likely to be one of the most interesting concerts for me. I guess I don't watch as much TV as I used to but the only knowledge of him that I had was from his gig on SNL (Saturday Night Live) but after also being asked by the record label (Universal) to shoot the meet and greet, I couldn't help but get into all the hype because of all the screaming girls.

Hey, the guy sold out a show at the MTSC...Dylan couldn't do it, Bublé didn't do it and not even Aerosmith could do that. Good for him! And, bonus for me, he had a good light show too!

September 14, 2010

Today I was interviewed by the U of M's UMFM (radio station) about the WPC and the large garage sale and photo expo we're putting on this coming Saturday.

September 13, 2010

Tonight I hosted another meeting for my group

September 12, 2010

Commercial lifestyle photography: Barkman Concrete - Day 5

September 10, 2010

Photographie pour le Collège universitaire de Saint-Boniface: l'Gros show

September 9, 2010

Together with my four mods from we planned the photographic equipment garage sale & photo expo that will be taking place at the MTS Centre on September 18th.

September 8, 2010

Live band/concert photography: Aerosmith

September 8, 2010

Due to Aerosmith being tonight I had to draw for these right away. Here are this month's winners:
Aerosmith - Derek B.
Justin Bieber - Amanda and Courtney Y.
Yo Gabba Gabba Live - Cory M.
Arcade Fire - Jack H.

September 8, 2010

Commercial lifestyle photography: Barkman Concrete - Day 4

September 7, 2010

Helicopter photos from September 4th, 2010 flight

September 6, 2010

Dan's crazy ticket giveaway madness for September:
As the official photographer for the MTS Centre they hook me up with tickets and I pass those on to family, friends and YOU!

If you're interested in any of the following please e-mail me and your name will be put into the hat along with the two other people who ask ;-)
-Aerosmith - Sept 8, 7:30pm
-Justin Bieber - Sept 14, 7pm
-Yo Gabba Gabba Live - Sept 15, 6:30pm
-Arcade Fire - Sept 23, 7:30pm

September 6, 2010

Commercial lifestyle photography: Barkman Concrete - Day 3

September 5, 2010

Commercial lifestyle photography: Barkman Concrete - Day 2

September 4, 2010

Commercial print and stock photography for The Forks North Portage

After a few people saw my last week's helicopter photos I've already had requests for more flights.
Today I was once again 1000-1200 feet above WPG shooting for FNP getting photos of their areas for large printing.

September 3, 2010

Commercial lifestyle photography: Barkman Concrete
This was the first day of my multi-day shoot for Barkman. Today found us shooting pavers and stone veneers, some with models and some without.

August 31 , 2010

Commercial portraits: Hooters Winnipeg

August 31 , 2010

Photojournalism: Moores grad car giveaway

August 30, 2010

1200ft above Winnipeg: One beautiful city!

August 30, 2010

Happy birthday to ME!
Huge thanks to all those friends and family who sent birthday wishes today and to all those friends who sent wishes over bookface (aka FaceBook).

August 29, 2010

Photography planning: Barkman Concrete

August 27, 2010

Flying with the doors off

Partially due to it being 32c outside and the helicopter not having AC this was the first time in my handful of flights over the last couple of years where we flew with the doors completely off.
This is great because then you don't have to worry about reflections ruining your photos however, you do have to trust your seatbelt.

It's kind of weird to look out the door and have your foot hanging 1200 feet over Winnipeg and realize you're only one step away from death. I kept wanting to get out and stop because the angle kept changing so quickly but I had to keep in mind that I wasn't in a car and "stepping out" to get the shot would kill me.

You also have to make sure NOTHING goes out the door, even your foot, head or camera as the helicopter moves at about 200kph and the wind blowing around it is at times as violent as tornado class winds. So the pilot was surprised to see me hanging out the side trying to get far enough away from the heli to get the skids out of the photo while using a modified fisheye.

Click to enlarge

A gallery from this flight will be posted soon so you can all "see your house from there"! ;-)

August 27, 2010

Helping friends

As an active full time photographer I get a lot of requests of all kinds: Helping students with school projects and interviews, donation requests, volunteer requests and more. But the requests I take most seriously are the ones from my peer friends.

Today I helped child portrait photographer extrordinaire Karen Hunter with some questions about how best to approach mobile flash photography and despite the fact that this week I've been too busy to have a meal, I was totally happy to help her out and make the time.

Being the intelligent and caring person she is, she also kindly offered to pay me for my time which I completely refused. Why? Because she's a friend. Come on people, if you can't help a friend, who will you help?
Over the past several years of my career I've made a good number of photographer friends who I've assisted for, helped out by talking about pricing etc as well as other stuff.
It's great to have friends in the same industry who I can always count on and chat to!

August 27, 2010

Commercial environmental portraits for Collège universitaire de Saint-Boniface

Working with a new client, Deschenes Regnier, one of Winnipeg's primere bilingual ad firms was great!

August 26, 2010

Commercial event photography: Central Park re-opening (with water park!)

August 25, 2010

Commercial event photography: Her Excellency Governor General Michaëlle Jean

Once again I photographed the GG in under 24 hours notice. At least this time I already had a suit!

August 25, 2010

Commercial event photography: Canadian Museum for Human Rights site tour given by architect Antoine Predock

August 24, 2010

Commercial virtual reality tour photography: Health Sciences Centre Inc. Lifestyles Lottery: Home

Today I shot the home, this one inside WPC, for the HSCHL.

August 23, 2010

Out of town commercial virtual reality tour photography: Health Sciences Centre Inc. Lifestyles Lottery: Cottage

Today, for a long term ad agency client out of Saskatoon, the Marketing Den, I photographed the HSCHL cottage in Falcon Lake, Manitoba.
It's always really exciting to be able to travel, even just a couple of hours, for my photography. In this case, I met some really nice people who where taking care of the cottage.

August 20, 2010

Commercial tourism photography for Parks Canada: Day 2

August 19, 2010

Commercial portraiture: Nelson House Medicine Lodge

Today one of the groups from the NCN was in Winnipeg and I did several portraits and a group photo as well.

August 18, 2010

Concert & live band photography: Black Eyed Peas

*I was also asked by the record label to shoot the Meet & Greet photos

August 18, 2010

Commercial tourism photography for Parks Canada: Day 1

Today marked the start of my contract with Parks Canada. We where shooting at the Forks and it turned out that despite some cloudiness that we got some great shots!

August 17, 2010

Portraits for Winnipeg City Councillor Jeff Browaty

August 16, 2010

Today I planned but did not attend a monthly meeting for my Winnipeg Photo Community as I was still tweaking the new forum software.

August 15, 2010

A huge part of photography is good planning and I was lucky today to be invited to a planning lunch (at Coras!) to get over 10 days of shooting planned for a huge contract I just got with Barkman Concrete.
(Admittedly being a bachelor I don't have anyone to help me cook and since I can only make 2 things: macaroni and TV dinners...I take every chance to eat out that I can!)

August 15, 2010

Had new forum software installed for my photo community: and spent most of the late evening and early morning getting it to the point where it was presentable for my members.

August 15, 2010

Dan's crazy ticket giveaway madness winners for August:
Thanks to all those who put their names in the hat for this month's tickets. Here are the winners:

-Backstreet Boys: Jen K. (web site winner)
-Michael Buble: Paul (photo club winner)
-Celtic Woman: Erika F. (Web site winner who's mother was just diagnosed with Cancer so I wanted to do what little I could to help)
-Black Eyed Peas: Jackie Y.
August 15, 2010

A couple of days ago was the best time to watch the Persid Meteor Shower and I was out in the Stonewall area with bells keep away the bears you see...

During the 4 hour period that I was out, I saw 6 falling stars and was able to capture 17!

The following is a compilation shot of five of those falling stars and a crop of the same image, showing some detail on what they look like. The crown of the Northern Lights was out and they even showed up a bit more energetically for about 1 minute. In the first photo you can also see the Milky way to the right of centre reaching into the sky.

Northern Lights, falling stars and the Milky Way, oh my!


August 14, 2010

WPC Gallery #4 photos

Today at 1pm was the gala opening of my photo community's 4th gallery with Photo Central (and you're invited to come anytime over the next 2 weeks!)

In this gallery I have what I believe is a 1st for winnipeg: A 5164 megapixel image...yes, I said 5164 megapixels. Think about your 15 megapixel camera on steroids...lots and lots...and lots of steroids. What I've created and have on display is what I think is the highest resolution image ever taken of Winnipeg. It's a large landscape of everything from the Downtown area looking from Portage Ave to the perimeter and beyond. However, you can also see everything from Fort Garry Place all the way 220 degrees over to Main Street.

Labworks who kindly rushed this very unique printing project for me said it was the sharpest most detailed image they'd ever seen, and that, coming from people who all they do is print photos all day, is one of the nicest complements I've ever had! They also are going to print a version of it to put up in their store.

If you love Winnipeg as much as I do, you HAVE to come out to Photo Central at 499 Notre Dame (on the 2nd level) to check out this large panoramic, a five 30"x40" panel wall collage for a total of 40" tall by 150" wide!

If you can't make it out today, the gallery and my print will be on display until August 27th along with another 30 WPC member's work of Winnipeg and abroad which makes the trip wholly worthwhile!

August 14, 2010

More huge news for me this week!
I had another bid accepted for a 10 day + contract with Barkman Concrete, another client I've already worked with for years! Despite visions of "Barkman Concrete" being about cement trucks they couldn't be further from it: They actually specialize in making pavers, slabs, retaining walls and site furnishings for things like your driveway, garden or commercial business and yes, also concrete areas for things like skate parks.
Not only are they a huge company to work for but a REALLY fun company to work with thanks to all the good people there! And, they help me keep up my quota of taking really nice pictures of rocks. ;-)

August 13, 2010

Michael Buble

August 13, 2010

Today I set up the 4th gallery for my photo community. Here is a time-lapse video of the setup. HUGE thanks to Dave, Gord, Ash and Mukesh for all their help!

Winnipeg Photo Community gallery #4

August 12, 2010

Event photography: Power97's Joey Open golf tournament

August 11, 2010

Concert/live band photography: Backstreet Boys

August 11, 2010

Commercial advertising photography for Hal Anderson & CJOB

August 10, 2010

I met a fellow photographer friend of mine, Kert, who showed me a very unique camera which takes super funky panoramic pictures so, being the camera nerd that I am I had to have one!
Here is a gallery of single shot 360 panoramics:

360 spinners

August 9, 2010

I've finally had time to put up two recent events:

Cirque du Soleil: Alegria

Weird Al Yankovic

August 8, 2010

Dan's crazy ticket giveaway madness:
That's right! It's that time again for some ticket giving away goodness!

Here's what I gots* for you for August (2 tickets for each event):
-Backstreet Boys: Wednesday, August 11 - 7:30pm
-Michael Buble: Friday, August 13 - 8pm
-Celtic Woman: Sunday, August 15 - 7:30pm
-The Black Eyed Peas: Wednesday, August 18 - 7:30pm

All requests are put into a hat and chosen randomly.
If interested please contact me by e-mail.
(*PS: Attempt at hilarious misspelling intentional)

August 7, 2010

Event/concert photography: Rock on the Range 2010

August 5, 2010

Concert/live band photography: Weird Al Yankovic

August 5, 2010

The ROTR tickets have gone to Jaquie and another set to Derek.
Thanks to everyone else for the requests and sorry that I only had two sets!

August 4, 2010

More free tickets to give away!
I have two, FIELD LEVEL tickets for Rock on the Range to give away to anyone interested.
Just send me an e-mail!

August 3, 2010

I finally had time to process the Bon Jovi, Kid Rock & Sierra Noble concert pics:

Concert photography: Bon Jovi, Kidk Rock, Sierra Noble

August 2, 2010

I struck lighting again!
Just a quick one-shot here as I was only out for about 10 minutes but managed to get a shot of the lightning storm tonight.

Click to enlarge!

July 29, 2010

How do you fit 143 people into a photo? Easy! A crane shot!

Canadian Museum for Human Rights site staff & construction crew

July 29, 2010

Commercial super high res portrait photography for CBC Radio-canada

July 28, 2010

Landscape/archival photography: Canadian Museum for Human Rights

July 27, 2010

Concert/live band photography: Neil Young

July 26, 2010

Concert/live band photography: Neil Young

July 22, 2010

HUGE news for me!
A couple of weeks ago I put in a bid for a huge Parks Canada contract and just got word that I WON! This contract encompasses work to be done over the next year. Today, I officially signed all the forms and will soon be photographing projects for Parks Canada as close as the Forks and Lower Fort Garry as well as several different locations in the Churchill area!

July 22, 2010

Event photography: Cirque du Soleil: Alegria

July 21, 2010

Two new fireworks photos:

*This one can be used as a desktop by clicking for the larger version

You can click me too for a larger version!

July 21, 2010

Commercial portrait for a new advertising campaign for CBC Radio-Canada

July 21, 2010

The second ever winner for concert tickets is Lori C. for the Cirque du Soleil: Alegria tickets!
These where the most sought after tickets so I hope you have a great time Lori!

July 20, 2010

*Photos now online!*

Event photography: Hooters Golf Tournament

July 19, 2010

I've finally had some time to process some recent shoots:

Iron Maiden

Star Wars in concert

"Winnipeg Cube" unveiling

July 18, 2010

Concert photography/live band photography: Bon Jovi, Kid Rock and Sierra Noble

July 17, 2010

The first winner for the concert tickets I've started to give away was Matt W for the Bon Jovi tickets!
Have fun at the concert Matty!

July 17, 2010

Huge thanks to who pointed out one of my photos being used on USA Today's web site:

July 16, 2010

Again I've been blessed to be given another first in Winnipeg and likely one of the first nation wide: Today Don's loaned me their first Gigapan Epic Pro (DSLR version).
I've already been out with it and am impressed with the results so I have already decided to buy it.
Photos and review/comparison coming soon.

You can see an article/review I wrote on the P&S version here: Gigapan Epic 100 review

July 14, 2010

Event photography: Hooters Golf Tournament

Having shot for Hooters for over 5 years now I'm no stranger to the fun of their golf tournaments despite missing last years. However, as always the weather was terrible but the girls where beautiful!

July 11, 2010

Modeling photos: Bathing suit and nude beach photos with Suzanne

For this shoot I've separated the galleries into two: One for the bathing suit shots and one for the nudes:

Suzanne on the beach

Suzanne in wonderland

HUGE thanks to Adam, Suzie's BF for all his help holding lights and stuff as well as for taking some photos of me with one of my cameras! Here's one of me shooting:

July 12, 2010

How did my photo get to Vancouver?
My family, who are currently on vacation in BC found this promo photo I took for Bachman/Turner in the
Vancouver Sun:

July 10, 2010

Early this morning I headed out to take some starscapes. Had a great time with J and Mookey.

July 9, 2010

How do you get a $950+ tripod for only $220? My good friend and new addiction Amazon!
Today I drove down to the US to pick up two new carbon fibre tripods from a parcel service just over the border. However, the drive was worth it as I saved over $900 in total for both tripods!
Huge thanks to J for accompanying me and being oh so patient while I had to fill out forms in triplicate.

I'll be sure to post a review of my new lightweight friends as soon as I have time.

July 8, 2010

Commercial virtual reality (VR) photography

Today, with a final outdoor shoot I completed a HUGE project for the Collège universitaire de Saint-Boniface.
This was a two day project to capture over 50 different rooms/locations in the college for a huge virtual tour on their upcoming new web site.

July 4, 2010

Engagement photos: Simon and Catherine

For anyone who reads my ramblings here you'll already know that two years ago I stopped taking weddings (other than for family and close friends) and now pass them on to a few of my photographer friends. However, in the case of my running partner Simon, he's a friend so he is the one and only wedding I am photographing this year.

July 3, 2010

Photojournalistic coverage of the Queen's visit to the Forks, Winnipeg.

Here are two quick shots I got this afternoon:

July 2, 2010

Photojournalistic & archival photography for the Canadian Museum for Human Rights: Stone from the Queen

July 1, 2010

Another event that I organized for today was two separate Canada Day fireworks group shoots for my photo club the WPC (Winnipeg Photo Community)

Here is one of my shots from Assiniboine Park:

Click for a much larger image!

July 1, 2010

As part of my deal with the MTS Centre I get free tickets to almost all the shows that happen there (and which I shoot) each month. However, as I normally get a good feel for the concert during just the first three songs (which is all any photographer such as myself or the press, is allowed to shoot) I don't need the tickets for myself.

SO, I know there are a few of my buddies and other people who I've met over the years who still check here occasionally and would be interested in the extra tickets. So each month when I get my tickets I'm going to offer them here, for free, if you can answer some kind of question related to this BLOG. I may put something up just for one day, I may ask what I've been shooting that month, stuff like that.

This month however, anyone who e-mails me is welcome to the tickets and I'll just draw the names from a hat.

This month I have for you:
-July 4, 8pm: TOOL (@ MTS Centre)
-July 17, 7pm: BON JOVI (@ Canad Inns stadium)
-July 22, 7:30pm: Cirque du Soleil's: ALGERIA (@ MTS Centre)
-July 27, 7:30pm: MEAT LOAF (with Lisa Bouchelle @ MTS Centre)
*If you're interested in any of these tickets just e-mail me at:

Sometimes these will go to family or friends first but I just want them to go to someone who will enjoy them and to thank those who look here occasionally and suggest me when they hear that someone needs a photographer. Thanks all!

July 1, 2010

Today because it was a nice day I organized a random group photo shoot and tripod show & tell at the St Boniface Cathedral for my photo club the WPC (Winnipeg Photo Community)

June 30, 2010

Live band & concert photography: Iron Maiden

June 29, 2010

Event & concert photography: Star Wars in concert

June 29, 2010

Photojournalistic & archival photography for the Canadian Museum for Human Rights: Stone from the Queen

June 28, 2010

Tonight I hosted another monthly meeting for my photo club the WPC (Winnipeg Photo Community)

June 28, 2010

Photojournalistic & archival photography for the Canadian Museum for Human Rights: Stone from the Queen

June 25, 2010

Commercial event & promotional photography for the Red River Ex.

As part of my shoot today I also covered the fireworks. Here are a couple of examples:

June 23, 2010

Group and individual portrait photography locally for the Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation Trust

June 23, 2010

Live band/concert photography: The Eagles and the Dixie Chicks

June 21, 2010

Event photography: Red River Ex awards dinner

June 20, 2010

Sports photography: Manitoba Marathon

As the regional manager for TPS/Marathon Photos, I organized 15 paid photographers for this event as well as shooting it myself for the long eight hour day.

June 20, 2010

Happy father's day dad! (and all other fajas! - Austin Powers reference)
Thanks for everything especially being my best promoter!

June 19, 2010

A few people including friends and family (who keep up with me more on my BLOG rather than using a telephone) have asked me to talk more about the background for some of the shoots as I don't go into much detail about them. Today was a good day to do that, so here's a bit more info about June 19th for me:

The strange life of a photographer. Today was a wonderfully strange and long day for me:
Less than 24 hours ago I was asked to shoot one of the most powerful and influential people in Canada: The Governor General (who has more power than the Prime Minister) at a private dinner party where even her official photographer would not be present... no pressure.

Just a random mention here that these 24 hour or less shoots are the exact reason I stopped taking weddings. I REALLY liked shooting weddings since I could be crazy creative with them but commercial photography is more the direction I have a creative passion for. So, I only take weddings for family and close friends in order to allow me the time to have opportunities like this!

Now, this is all fine and good, I'm always happy to cover things with little to no notice and am actually used to it BUT there where some complications: I had a shoot today at 6am where I'll own a lane of the Provencher Bridge for two hours. Then I have to photograph Tom Petty tonight and in the middle I have to look the part in order to photograph her excellency. SO, this means in the middle of all that I need to buy my first suit...
Now, that wouldn't be so bad IF I had less to do today and more than 24 hours to find a suit which is extra hard because it's grad season.

None the less I did manage to find a $600+ suit (one of only two available in my size) and made it through the whole day and all the shoots went great! Now to sleep for a week...

June 19, 2010

Live band/concert photography: Tom Petty

June 19, 2010

Very special event photography: Private dinner for Michaëlle Jean and her husband Jean-Daniel Lafond, hosted by Mr. Thorsteinson.

June 19, 2010

Commercial product shoot for Johnson Waste Management: Two brand new trucks, their Protekt document destruction and garbage trucks.

June 18, 2010

Fireworks: You win some, you loose some.

Tonight I was asked by two companies (The Red River Ex and Canfire fireworks) to photograph the fireworks display at the RR Ex however unfortunately due to rain they where cancelled at the last minute. I had already set up and gotten ready as I was told they where still on but only minutes later they where cancelled.

June 18, 2010

Live band/ concert photography: Carrie Underwood

June 18, 2010

Photojournalistic event photography: Nellie McClung statue unveiling

June 17, 2010

Architectural & event photography: "Winnipeg Cube" unveiling at the Old Market Square

Very cool event to shoot: Scatliff Miller Murray (an architectural firm) asked me to cover the unveiling and get some photos of their cube stage creation for their portfolio use both during the day and evening.

June 17, 2010

Photojournalistic event photography: Nellie McClung statue unveiling practice

June 16, 2010

This morning I received an amazing request: I will be officially taking photos of the Queen's visit to Winnipeg for the CMHR! I'm told that my access will be so limited I may not even be able to turn around but this is obviously still an amazing opportunity that I feel very privileged to have been given!

June 16, 2010

Last night I was driving home and saw a billboard which I took the photos for last fall that where for Théâtre dans le cimetière:

June 15, 2010

Live band/concert photography: ZZ Top & Wide Mouth Mason

June 14, 2010

Fine art/stock photography for Birchwood Kia

I've never called my photos art but someone seemed to think so...REALLY think so!
What does nearly $2000 worth of prints look like? Like this:

Click to enlarge

I do all my printing with Don's Photo but when I made this order, they where almost blown over! I'm told it's one of the biggest individual orders they've had in a long time.
The photos above are still wrapped to avoid damage but you can look at the customer proofs below that I made for Birchwood Kia to review in order to see the whole order in more detail.
Be sure to stop by the showroom to see all my photos on their walls!

All four of these panos where printed 8 feet wide:

Click to enlarge

All five of these where all printed 24x36":

Click to enlarge

June 14, 2010

Company/corporate head shots for the law firm Tapper Cuddy

Lighting lawyers:
Question: How do you light a lively lawyer?
Answer: However they tell you to!
I've shot for Tapper Cuddy a couple of times already and in the case of the standard shots they needed for their web site it's the most simple white backdrop to keep consistency. However, today I was able to have a bit more fun with a group shot (which will go into the paper) for three of them about to be called to the bar:

Lighting lawyers: This photo will NOT don't even touch it or I'll sue!

June 13, 2010

This is a stitched panoramic photo I took while in Pisew Falls, Manitoba. The final file is 100 megapixels!

Click for a much larger image

You can see more of my panoramic work at

June 13, 2010

As regional manager for TPS/Marathon-Photos, I organized and today am training 10 paid photographers to shoot the Manitoba Marathon.

June 12, 2010

Here is a quick collage of some of the shots I did while out in Nelson House, Manitoba shooting for the NCN:

Click to view much larger image

June 12, 2010

The trip home: Flying over Manitoba from Thompson to Winnipeg is a really neat experience as there are thousands of lakes. You can't go 50 meters without a lake!

Here is a GPS tagged map of the flight home. I took photos using my Nikon GP-1 about every 5-10 minutes:

June 12, 2010

Day 4 of a 4 day commercial photo shoot for the Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation (all types of photography from corporate portraits, group shots, architectural photos, etc)

I had a final short shoot this morning for the Mystery Lake Hotel in Thompson which is owned by the NCN and then I got lucky to have enough time to get up to Pisew Falls one last time before returning my huge rental truck and heading home.

June 11, 2010

Day 3 of a 4 day commercial photo shoot for the Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation (all types of photography from corporate portraits, group shots, architectural photos, etc)

Today I continued the mass of photos of just about the whole town, luckily after I was done for the day I was able to get somewhere I've wanted to for almost 5 years now: Pisew Falls, Manitoba. The second highest falls in Manitoba.

June 10, 2010

Day 2 of a 4 day commercial photo shoot for the Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation (all types of photography from corporate portraits, group shots, architectural photos, etc)

Thompson is a great place! In Winnipeg we say that you're never more than 20 minutes away from anything, and in Thompson it's a bit the same, but even at rush hour, you're still never more than 5 minutes away from anything! The people are also really nice and all the businesses are conveniently close together, you don't even need a map!
However, the hour long drive from Thompson to Nelson House is nothing less than painful! The roads have sunk and deteriorated due to the muskeg and what's left is nothing but gravel to "repair" them.

June 9, 2010

Day 1 of a 4 day commercial photo shoot for the Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation (all types of photography from corporate portraits, group shots, architectural photos, etc)

I arrived in Thompson this morning at 9am after my really nice 2 hour flight on Calm Air. Which I had to be up at 4am for...which is the time I normally am going to bed). I immediately picked up the rental vehicle that the marketing agency had rented for me. Because of the very poor road conditions I had no choice but to have a truck and the rental company ended up giving me a Dodge Ram 2500 Heavy Duty. For those of you who don't know this truck well, it's one of THE biggest vehicles and me being an averaged sized guy had to take a running start in order to jump up into it!
I arrived so early in Thompson that my hotel room wasn't ready yet so I headed straight off to meet my contact in Nelson House. The rest of the day I spent shooting many of the locals and local businesses.

June 9-12, 2010

Today I leave for a 4 day commercial shoot in Nelson House where I'll be taking photos of just about everything from the town itself to the RCMP officers, local businesses, doing dozens of business portraits. All of this is for the Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation, AKA the NCN, a community of 2400 local members and an additional 2000 members abroad. These photos will be used in annual reports, brochures and the band's web site.
During that time I'll be staying in Thompson which is a one hour commute over some pretty rugged roads.

June 8, 2010

Day 3 of 3: Event photography: CCHSE (Canadian College of Health Service Executives)
June 7, 2010

Day 2 of 3: Event photography: CCHSE (Canadian College of Health Service Executives)
June 6-8, 2010

Event photography: Today is day one of a three day national AGM & gala events for the CCHSE (Canadian College of Health Service Executives)
I shoot a lot of big national events but this one was a HUGE conglomerate of expensive tie wearing people who's job it is to keep Canada healthy. It's often almost daunting to shoot these events because of just how important many of the people are to not only their field, but also to Canada itself.
June 5, 2010

Live band photography: Rain: A tribute to the Beatles

June 3, 2010

I had 17 minutes free today which gave me time to make this really fun review of the Gigapan Epic 100, a really neat product for taking super high res panoramic images!

Read the full review here

June 2, 2010

Today I got confirmation for a very cool three day shoot in Northern Manitoba for one of Manitoba's First Nations: The Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation. More details to come.
I thoroughly enjoy traveling for photography and have only started to get the opportunities to do so over the last couple of years.

June 1, 2010

I recently found another one of my shots is being used for billboards: The following was from a big shoot for Yellowquill College several months ago and has already been used in just about every type of marketing material (brochures, posters etc.) but it has just surfaced anew in billboard format all over the city.

May 31, 2010

Live band photography: Bachman & Turner concert

May 30, 2010

Live band photography: Bachman & Turner rehearsal
I was very lucky to again get a call to shoot the B&T concert and rehearsal photos after I did their promos a few months ago. It's a true honor to be a part of history both local and international as who knows, my photos may turn up in a book 25 years from now like they do about rock from the 70s!

May 28, 2010

Photographie d'événement pour le CDEM (Conseil de développement économique des municipalités bilingues du Manitoba): Gala des Pionniers de l'Entrepreneuship Francophone

May 28, 2010

Today I assisted Tony on another shoot. It's always fun to work with other photographers when you can help out!

May 28, 2010

Commercial photography for the Jewish Foundation of Winnipeg

May 27, 2010

Commercial out of town photo shoot for the YMCA of Winnipeg

May 27, 2010

Staff portraits and commercial advertising portraits for Hooters (Which can be seen in the Winnipeg Free Press On7 edition every Sunday)

May 26, 2010

No time to BLOG
I've had literally NO e-mails over the past few weeks asking if I had died and gone to hang out with Henry, Ansel and Mikey as I haven't made a BLOG entry for over 21 days. (Ok, maybe there where a few e-mails, mostly from my mom.)

No, the stories of my demise are quite overblown. I've just been to busy to BLOG lately and have been doing some REALLY cool stuff, unfortunately I'm too busy to even talk about it now but you can be sure I'll be BLOGGING about it soon! Soon as I get time that is...

May 26, 2010

Event photography: Travel Manitoba Tourism Awards 2010
I've shot the TMTA (not to be confused with TMNT) for three years now and ever year it's really exciting to see people doing such interesting and innovative things in their field get recognized!

May 24, 2010

Two of my clients have joined together and I'm lucky enough to be shooting for both of them: Both Hooters and Lone Star Harley-Davidson have joined together on some events and needed photos for a commercial poster

May 23, 2010

Tonight I shot the fireworks for the Asian festival at the Forks with my photo club

May 23, 2010

Today and at night I shot some stock photography of the CMHR (Canadian Museum for Human Rights)

May 23, 2010

Large commercial photo shoot for Johnson Waste Management cancelled due to rain (rescheduling already in progress)

May 21, 2010

Tonight I once again delved into my passion for low light work and shot fireworks over downtown

May 20, 2010

Event photography for Creswin Properties Inc.: Groundbreaking event for the new Blue Bombers stadium @ the U of M

May 20, 2010

Gigapan & large format photos from Canwest Place

May 20, 2010

Sports photography: Goldeyes baseball

Over the past three years through several of my contacts including Destination Winnipeg I've been able to get a season media pass for the Goldeyes and this year I was lucky enough to get it under my own name!

May 19, 2010

Today I tested the Gigapan I have been given on loan as well as doing some infrared photography of the St Boniface area.

May 18, 2010

Today I tested the Gigapan I have been given on loan but it wasn't a good day for gigapanning as the clouds where causing major issues with having to take hundreds of photos in a row uninterrupted.

May 17, 2010

Live band/concert photography: Daughtry

May 15, 2010

Commercial event photography for the Red River Exhibition Association

May 13, 2010

Commercial group portrait for The Jewish Foundation of Manitoba

May 12, 2010

Maternity photos: Dan & Dominique

May 12, 2010

Commercial advertising portraits for Parks Canada

May 10, 2010

Commercial event photography: Rendez-vous Canada for Travel Manitoba

May 8, 2010

Event photography: Manitoba Airsoft Association open house

I only took a few shots as I was playing throughout the day. It's not exactly safe to bring your camera into the middle of an airsoft firefight so I use a camera that's a backup to my backup's backup....if that makes any sense.

May 7, 2010

Commercial event photography: Rendez-vous Canada for Travel Manitoba

May 6, 2010

Sports photography: Stars on Ice

May 4, 2010

Corporate portrait: Photo of Harrow Partners (law firm) president: Dave H for the JFM

May 3, 2010

Winnipeg Photo Community: Monthly meeting

Tonight I hosted another of my WPC meetings. LOTS of new faces as well as all the regulars!
I was mainly out to test the Gigapan but the sky was so nice for the first time in a few days of rain I had to get this one shot:

For anyone who wants a desktop sized version of it, just click it!

My ESP is kicking feel this photo has...nice colours. HA!
The super special secret behind this photo: I took it through my sunglasses! Over the last four or five years I intentionally wear overly dark sunglasses at specific times of the day to be able to see the sky in the way I want to. This way I can correspond it to what I want to see in camera.

May 2, 2010

I have been given the privilege of being one of the first people in Canada to beta test the new GigaPan. A very interesting little....well, it's basically a robot. Here's what it does: it's an automated machine which takes extremely high res photos, how high res? In the gigapixels. One gigapixel is one billion pixels...that's billion! (Cue Dr. Evil laugh)

More on this later as I test it more!

April 30, 2010

Corporate portraits for CBC-Radio Canada

April 30, 2010

Live band/concert photography: Our Lady Peace

April 30, 2010

Organizational meeting: Travel Manitoba for Rendezvous Canada

April 29, 2010

Event photography: Power97 Stupid money $10000 give away!

April 28, 2010

Today I sold two new super high res images to Creswin Properties for their new project: "The Elms" which is slated to be a high end shopping facility near Polo Park.

Over the last two years I've noticed a serious tendency with clients requesting super high res images (in the 120-400 megapixel range) and I'm happy that I've since started to re shoot and catalogue my images in super high res from both my high res digital camera (24 megapixels) and also with my ridiculously large format film camera (800 megapixel scans).

April 28, 2010

Event photography: The YMCA/YWCA Women of Distinction Awards

April 27, 2010

Today I saw two new photos of mine that I shot for CBC Radio-Canada about 4-5 months ago REALLY big on the side of the CBC building. It's always great to see my work in use, especially at that size!
Be sure to honk at my photos as you go may confuse everyone around you but it will make them feel good! HAHAHAH!

Here they are (corner of Portage and St. Mary Ave.)

April 26, 2010

Concert photography: Rob Zombie & Alice Cooper

VERY fun concert to shoot with amazingly bright lighting!
I also got to shoot some meet & greet photos prior to the concert and all I can say is that both Alice and Rob are great guys! It's like hanging out with your buddies!

April 25, 2010

As part of my plan to maintain a healthier and broader lifestyle (in other words to make sure photography doesn't take over my life completely) today I played my second outdoor airsoft skirmish. And yes, I had a camera there. These large events are way too few and far between to forget your camera at home!

Unfortunately crouching in the bush in the summer has a downside: Manitoba ticks!
That's right, our old nemesis the tick is back and people where picking them off left and right. My personal tick count was only 2, but there where several people who where flicking them off by the handful.

HUGE thanks to the organizers from Wolfpack as well as Jay from XT (who put the poster up everywhere he could and his wife who made the promo poster) and to Rolly, Rick and all the others for showing me the ropes and making sure I pointed my gun in the right direction! ;)

M.O.U.T. Introduction to MILSIM Airsoft Day 2010 (NOOB day)

April 24, 2010

Commercial promotional photography for the Red River Exhibition Park at the Cottage show

April 23, 2010

Now that it's nice outside, over the last few weeks I've gotten hard core back into running. I've run on and off all my life since the '80s and today I had a BLAST when I got three of my buddies together to go on a mini group run.
Sadly, at my pace two of the three only lasted 4 and 7 minutes respectively but I then went on to run 1h9m, 40 minutes of which Simon came along with me at my pace. It's always great to get out there and exercise and you can really feel the benefits even when just carrying large camera cases up and down stairs or shooting a large event. Photography isn't just about photography you know!

Here's a shot of me and the boyz just before our run (I won't horrify you with the after shot!)

April 21, 2010

As the photography coordinator for the MTS Centre, as I was busy shooting for Tony I organized another photographer to shoot the Newsboys for the MTSC.
Thanks Shaun!

April 21, 2010

Today I assisted and was a second shooter for a fellow photographer and friend: Tony Nardella, on a large assignment for the Engineers of Manitoba.
It's always great to work with other photographers to see how they function and how they do things and Tony is the best so that makes the experience even better!

April 20, 2010

Biker girls Grace & Bre: Teaser gallery

Unfortunately these are just a few quickly chosen photos and don't necessarily represent the best photos from the shoot as I took over 1600 photos in the 8 hour session and won't have time to sort our the best ones until later. But, it will give you an idea of how hot bikes and beautiful girls can combine to make for great photos!

April 20, 2010

Huge thanks to Shaun G. for the photos of me from my lighting workshop (LW4-3) over the weekend:

April 20, 2010

I've gotten a BUNCH of comments, questions and remarks about the shirt I am wearing in the photo from the April 18th BLOG entry which says: "Mmm...Caribou!"

No, this does not refer to the animal but the French Canadian drink "Caribou" which is a fortified wine. I got this shirt from my job at Festival du Voyageur along with a couple of other fun shirts with St. Boniface and Louis Riel on them.
Gotta keep it Riel when I'm on a photo shoot!

And BTW, no, I'm not a pompous, conceited jerk as I'm pretending to be in the photo but that's the only way I don't come out looking like a goof in photos as I normally do!

April 19, 2010

Commercial portraits for Hooters for advertising to go in the Winnipeg Free Press On7 Sunday edition.
This is a HUGE series I've been shooting for them for over 3 or 4 months now.

April 18, 2010

Just don't tell my mom...

I started my career shooting models and unfortunately as I've gotten busier have only been able to shoot a select few over the last couple of years. However today was one of those times that the setting and models where too great to resist.
Here is a ridiculous photo from the shoot with the girls and one very lucky photographer:

I'll have a teaser gallery up soon.

April 17, 2010

Today I gave the third in a series of lighting workshops I'm running in 2010. Had a respectable but unexpectedly low 15 people as all the other workshops I've run this year have had a minimum of 25 and last year I had up to 60 and 80 at some of them.
HUGE thanks to Shaun who was invaluable in helping out!

April 16, 2010

Commercial portraits for the YMCA Women of Distinction awards

April 15, 2010

Today my buddy Lori stopped by and had her little guy Anderson (who I immediately named: "Mr. Anderson" as a Matrix reference) with her and I grabbed a couple quick and funky shots. If you ever want to confuse a baby, just use a ring flash!

April 14, 2010

I finally had a chance today to work on some recent concert and event galleries:


John Mayer & Michael Franti & Spearhead

Tim McGraw & Lady Antibellum

(Hi Jenny!)

PBR Bull Riding

April 12, 2010

Ice Fishing @ Lockport, Manitoba

April 11, 2010

Winnipeg Photo Community: April monthly meeting & sunset group photo shoot

April 10, 2010

Starscapes & star-trails from Winnipeg Beach, Manitoba

April 8, 2010

Commercial portrait photography and stock photography for Manitoba Pork (through my good friend Lori of Wild Fire Online)

As is quite normal for me being in this industry I saw something I had never seen before and likely never would have unless I was a photographer: Part of today's shoot was at Manitoba Livestock where I got to shoot a whole lot of these little and BIG guys:

You can click for a larger image

To me this was interesting as with many things in life, you never get to see them personally and get an idea for what you THINK they will look like in real life but in this case I never knew their eyes where so human like. I guess all those Saturday morning cartoons I watched in the 80's (which they don't do any more) made me think they would be either googly-eyed or have completely black eyes being almost shark like. Very cool little experience thanks to my job.

April 7, 2010

Concert photography: John Mayer & Michael Franti & Spearhead

April 6, 2010

MORE Northern Lights!
(And better too!)

And, just because I don't have anything else to do, another (much better) time lapse of the NL is now available in my Time Lapse page:

Northern Lights active time lapse

April 6, 2010

Canadian Museum for Human Rights:
Site progress shots

April 5, 2010

Today I hosted monthly meeting for my photo community: The Winnipeg Photo Community

Here are some photos from the shoot showing mostly the group:

Winnipeg Photo Community: April monthly meeting & sunset group photo shoot

April 5, 2010

Northern Lights

This morning I photographed a fairly small auroral storm which is always exciting to see!

Please also see this time lapse I took at the same time:

Northern Lights time lapse

April 3, 2010

Sports photography: PBR Bull Riding

April 2, 2010

I'm happy to say that I've already sold the first copy of my GP DVD with a handful of people also interested for this week.. Huge thanks to Wilf for picking the first one up!

April 2, 2010

I have officially released my Going Pro seminar on DVD today!

Please see my Going Pro DVD page for full details and pricing. *This week only you can save $50 off!

April 2, 2010

Having run this BLOG for so long I get a lot of strange and confusing requests by e-mail but one type of request I never turn away is people doing projects for school. Today I had another request to help a student with her "Career/Life Project" by simply taking the time to answer some fun questions about myself and my photography.
These are always fun to do as it makes me think about all the positive things in my life and with my photography.

I hope my lengthy answers don't bore you too much Hannah!

April 1, 2010

Today I played a very convincing April Fools day joke on the local photo club I run and got a GREAT response back on it having duped most of the people.
Sorry about that all!

March 31, 2010

I'm used to running, just not after buses, but when I saw one of my photos that I took for Power97 on the side of one, I had to jump out of my SUV and run after it before it left for the next light. All the people getting off the bus where fairly confused as was the woman in the window!

Click for a larger image

This same photo as well as others from the same shoot have been used in web banners on the Winnipeg Free Press' web site as well as on Power's site and elsewhere. If you see one somewhere, tell me because I'm really happy they're getting such good mileage with them.

March 31, 2010

Concert photography: Tim McGraw & Lady Antebellum

30 mars, 2010

Photographie à bût commerciale pour le Collège universitaire de Saint-Boniface: tournée virtuelle, journée 2 de 2

March 30, 2010

Concert photography: Tim McGraw & Lady Antibellum

28 mars, 2010

Photographie à bût commerciale pour le Collège universitaire de Saint-Boniface: tournée virtuelle, journée 1 de 2

March 27, 2010

Today I organized and took part in the second WPC "film only" group photo shoot where only film cameras are allowed in order to promote the use of film.

March 25, 2010

New large format work

I'm trying to add as much as I can to some of my new and/or less used sections, in this case I've added two new sections to my large format area.

March 23, 2010

I'm pleased to announce my third lighting workshop this year, the LW4-3!

A photo from the LW4-2:

Both the LW4-1 and LW4-2 where huge successes with 40 and 26 people attending them respectively.
The LW4-3 will be a highly sought after workshop as it's all about multiple creative lighting setups.
Please see the dedicated workshop page for the LW4-3 here for more information and registration.

March 22, 2010

Monster Jam
from March 6th

March 22, 2010

My full VR tours for the Health Sciences Centre (HSC) Foundation Home Lottery are now online!
Unfortunately their servers are being overwhelmed and so the tours take a long time to load and sometimes you need to close and re-open them but they still look great!
You can see them by following these links:
Health Sciences Centre (HSC) Foundation Home Lottery home #1
Health Sciences Centre (HSC) Foundation Home Lottery home #2

March 21, 2010

Commercial product photo shoot for Barkman Concrete at the Home Expressions 2010 Home and Garden Show

March 20, 2010

Live band/concert shoot: Billy Talent

March 19, 2010

One shot: Royal Canadian Mint northern lights manipulation

This photo is a digital manipulation using some of my existing photos of the Northern lights and a photo I took recently of the Royal Canadian Mint here in Winnipeg which has large stickers on the windows of the Olympic medals.

Unfortunately due to the light pollution from the city seeing this is rare to impossible. There has been one case in the last five years where I was able to see the Northern lights from inside the city but it was still impossible to photograph them as the orange glow of the city (that you can see from as far away as Grand Beach) washed them out.

March 19, 2010

Over the last few years I've forgotten about some of the special sections on my BLOG including the desktops and the planets sections. I will now be doing my best to update these on a more regular basis.

Here's a good start with two new planets:

Click here to view the planets

March 18, 2010

Event shoot: Grand re-opening of the Portsmouth retirement residence

March 17, 2010

Today's photo shoot was with Andrea, one of a couple of girls helping me out with a series of airsoft themed shoots (see lower in this BLOG for more) as well as to do a bunch of shots for herself, including this one taken downtown just after sunset:

If you're interested in coming in for a free model shoot (and can hold up some pretty hefty airsoft guns and may even have some ideas of your own for photos) just e-mail me at

March 17, 2010

Teaser: No, I haven't gone into the criminal underbelly and become an arms dealer, this is what my living room looked like for today's shoot.

HUGE thanks go out to Jay, Rolly and Gord from XT for the loaner airsoft guns, some of which are so unique they are one of only two known in Canada!

March 16, 2010

Today I once again put my life in the hands of the gods to venture up the 180+ meter high crane #1 at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights to get some new site shots for them.
It's always good times when I can feel the crane swaying side to side as I'm switching lenses!

March 16, 2010

Event photography: The Manitoba Moose Yearling Foundation Gala event/dinner including headliner Cirque le Masque

March 16, 2010

I gave limited usage rights for the above photo of the Provencher bridge to the City of Winnipeg's Planning and Land Use Division for an upcoming major report.

March 14, 2010

Searching through my site stats today I noticed a very strange/interesting thing: An article I wrote about how to modify a Nikon APS-C Fisheye lens for full frame cameras over two years ago is getting a lot of attention in both Italy and other places on random BLOGs like this one. Apparently they like it but think I'm a bit crazy for cutting an $800 lens with a hacksaw. I've been called worse. ;)

March 14, 2010

Advertising photography for Hooters Winnipeg.
These advertisements appear in the Winnipeg Free Press On7 which comes out every Sunday.

March 13, 2010

Commercial photo shoot for Travel Manitoba: Ice Fishing

March 12, 2010

I see Power97 is making good use of some photos I took for them back in late January for a new web banner advertisement on the Winnipeg Free Press' web site: *you might have to refresh the page several times as the banner is on a randomizer.

March 12, 2010

Stock photography sold for fine art prints to Silver Heights restaurant.
I sold several prints to the SHR after they've just remodeled their restaurant.

March 12, 2010

I often like to help people out who might not normally be able to afford stock photography and allow them to exchange a few pictures for a link on their site.One such case was for where I gave him permission to use a couple of the photos you can see in my desktop section (soon to be updated) for his banners.

March 11, 2010

Commercial HDR VR (high dynamic range virtual reality) tour for the Health Sciences Centre (HSC) Foundation Home Lottery. The tour will soon go live here:

This is a great return client who I've worked for for over two years now and been able to do some out of town VR tours for as well.
For this lottery, they have TWO houses and I took just over 3400 photos to create the HDR VRs!
These homes are SPECTACULAR! If you don't have tickets to their lottery yet, get them! I'm getting mine!

March 10, 2010

It's been over six years since I started this BLOG. As far as I know I was one of if not the first photographer in WInnipeg to have a BLOG, creating it well before I even knew what BLOGGING was or as it became popular.
However, unfortunately the design hasn't changed in that same amount of time and I thought it was about time to give it a bit of attention. I haven't changed it much, just made it a bit wider and easier to read. Hopefully you'll like it!

March 8, 2010

Advertising photography for Hooters Winnipeg.
These advertisements appear in the Winnipeg Free Press On7 which comes out every Sunday.

March 7, 2010

Commercial photography (donor/recipient) for the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba.
Huge thanks to Mark for being so organized with these shoots and to the JFM for using me!

March 6, 2010

Monster Jam @ the MTS Centre

March 3, 2010

Xtreme-Tactics interiors

In addition to the interior shots above, I also did two preliminary virtual reality files that you can see below by clicking the links.
*You need to have Quicktime installed to view these files

The coveted XT gun room.

The new XT store.
YES you can now buy airsoft guns locally

March 3, 2010

WOW! It's been almost four weeks since I updated my BLOG last and it feels great to get back into it.
Hi and thanks to all those who e-mailed me about such a long time off. No, I'm not dead, nor did I marry a mobster's wife and move to Vegas...I've just been busy shooting and processing, shooting and processing. SO, look all the way down to February 1st to see all the new backdated BLOG postings.

March 2, 2010

My LW4-2 photos
(from my February lighting workshop)

March 1, 2010

My LW4-1 photos
(from my January lighting workshop)

February 28, 2010

Over the past couple of months I've gotten into airsofting, a tactical sport similar to paintball...without the mess. My friends like to joke that I just can't get away from shooting people in one way or another.
Thanks to this new interest I've gained quite a collection of airsoft guns which make for great props whenever I'm shooting models. This is a collection of two different shoots on an ongoing project:

The girls of airsoft #1

February 28, 2010

Commercial photography for the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba

February 27, 2010

Today I taught the second lighting workshop in this, my fourth series of lighting workshops to 26 people. It was a great time helping and shooting with so many other photographers!
Thanks everyone for coming!

Me shooting with a large format camera at my LW4-2. Thanks to Jojo for the photo!

(The upcoming LW4-3 is going to be one of the two best LW's that I teach this year so stay tuned here for details.)

February 27, 2010

As the official photographer and photography coordinator for the MTS Centre, as I was teaching a lighting workshop today, I organized another photographer to shoot the soccer event at the MTSC Centre
Thanks Doug!

February 25, 2010

As regional manager for TPS Sports Photography/ I hired and organized two other photographers to shoot the Running Room Hypo Half Marathon for this coming Sunday.

February 21, 2010

Day eleven, the final day of my multiple day event photo shoot for Festival du Voyageur!

After my final shoot for Festival today, here are some stats from 11 days of shooting:
-8222 digital photos for 232.25 gigabytes taken
-24 large format film photos taken
-I met a TON of super nice people, many of which where photographers who I gave WPC promo cards to so hopefully they'll be joining us soon!
-I also met a lot of drunk people (gotta love Caribou...the fortified wine kind) and got hit on by many of them but despite being single...drunk girls just aren't that interesting, they're hilarious but also very dangerous to photo gear!
-I got some HUGE compliments from the FDV council on some of my past and preliminary photos from this year, always good to hear.
-On average I shot 7 separate events a day including bands, re-enactors, re-enactments, the school program (where the Festival site is not available to the public for two days), the governor's ball, the VIP night and a ton of other stuff like snow sculptures and the fire pixies who I got some shots that I'm really happy with!

Thanks to everyone who posed patiently and where pictured!

February 20, 2010

Day ten of a multiple day event photo shoot for Festival du Voyageur

February 19, 2010

Day nine of a multiple day event photo shoot for Festival du Voyageur

February 18, 2010

Late night commercial photography for Bayview Construction LTD./Rocky Road Recycing LTD.

Once a year (possibly twice) the City of WInnipeg does a massive cleanup of all the built up snow on the sidewalks that cumulates when they do the snow clearing. I was sent out to get shots of Bayview vehicles working on this massive project.
I was also VERY lucky to get my first ride in a front end loader and I gotta tell you, those things are really comfortable but also really cramped!

February 18, 2010

Day eight of a multiple day event photo shoot for Festival du Voyageur

February 18, 2010


(-Professionalism of saying hi to your mom on your BLOG: 0%
-Love received from your mother for saying hi to her on your BLOG because she checks it every day to keep up with you: immeasurable!!!

February 17, 2010

Disney on Ice: Princesses

February 17, 2010

Day seven of a multiple day event photo shoot for Festival du Voyageur

February 16, 2010

Commercial photography for Bayview Construction LTD./Rocky Road Recycing LTD.

February 16, 2010

Day six of a multiple day event photo shoot for Festival du Voyageur

February 15, 2010

Day five of a multiple day event photo shoot for Festival du Voyageur

February 14, 2010

Day four of a multiple day event photo shoot for Festival du Voyageur

February 13, 2010

Day three of a multiple day event photo shoot for Festival du Voyageur

February 12, 2010

Day two of a multiple day event photo shoot for Festival du Voyageur

February 11, 2010

Commercial staff portraits for mf1

February 10, 2010

Today saw the start of my third year in a row being the official photographer for Festival du Voyageur.
I was in the festival park taking a huge group photo of all the people who work with FDV as well as the main group of FDV staff. I also took several shots of the snow sculptures as they where being built.
It looks like another great year for FDV!

February 9, 2010

Power97 time lapse video of recent photo shoot

February 8, 2010

Tonight I hosted another one of my photo club's ( monthly meetings.

February 7, 2010

Announcing the Dan Harper Lighting Workshop series 4, #2 (LW4-2)
The LW4-2 concentrates on studio lighting.
Please see here for more details: Dan Harper's LW4-2

February 5, 2010

Portraits of Alison for entry into the 2011 Hooters International calendar

3 février, 2010

Photographie à bût commerciale pour le Collège universitaire de Saint-Boniface: Portraits de professeurs.

February 1, 2010

WPC executive committee meeting

February 1, 2010

Commercial group portrait photography: Portsmouth resident council group photo

February 1, 2010

HUGE thanks to all those who attended my first "Going Pro" seminar! Again, this was also the first of it's kind in Winnipeg and I feel EXTREMELY happy to have had 17 registered attendees, 2 of which unfortunately couldn't make it due to a death in the family and my heart and thoughts go out to them.

Thanks to Cory for the photo!

I gave out a questionnaire at the end of the seminar (which people where able to fill out anonymously to get the most honest suggestions and feelings about it) and almost everyone felt that the seminar would have been worth it even at the full price. (Luckily they where all smart and got in on the early bird pricing of 50% off!)

As this was the first time I ran this particular seminar, there where bound to be issues, however the only hiccup I had was having the gear portion of the seminar go long as there where several questions from the attendees, therefore making it go long and dig into the time for the critique portion which people all unanimously decided we would skip in order to spend more time on the "how to get your name out there & differentiate yourself from other photographers" section. BUT, I have e-mailed all those in attendance and will be giving them a free, one on one critique session in order to make it up to them.

I will be selling a DVD collection of the entire seminar for somewhere around $750. Why so much? As most of the people in attendance mentioned that the seminar would have been a good value at the full price, and as you can FF and RW the DVD I feel that has added value. Also, if you could buy the DVD for less than the seminar itself, why bother going at all? HOWEVER, there will be special WPC pricing AND anyone who attended the seminar will be able to purchase the collection for around only $300.

Here are some of the comments from attendees:
-"I think it was well worth it. I liked the smaller group size."
-"You where very articulate with your topics!"
-"I found it very informative and like the casual setting."
-"Thanks for taking the time and having the courage to do this seminar!"

Most people had the same thing to say when asked which sections where most helpful:
-"Enjoyed all aspects."
-"All of it was extremely useful."

However the specific parts of the seminar which most people felt where most interesting/helpful where:

Again, thanks to all the GP attendees for your faith and great questions!

February 1, 2010

Commercial group portrait photography: Portsmouth resident council group photo

January 30, 2010

Just a final reminder to those still interested that there is still plenty of room for my "Going Pro" seminar that happens today. Please visit the following link if you would like to attend: "Going Pro - How to break into and help yourself succeed as a professional photographer"

January 29, 2010

Live band/concert photography: Mötley Cruë

January 29, 2010

Event/photojournalistic photography for the YMCA Winnipeg: South branch grand re-opening

January 28, 2010

Commercial product photography for Barkman Concrete in Steinbach

January 26, 2010

Commercial photography for Power97, billboards, ads and web shots

January 22, 2010

Winnipeg Photo Club/Photo Central gallery #3 gala opening

These are photos from the gala opening of my photo club's 3rd gallery. Each winning member is beside their own print.
Be sure to check it out until Feb 11 at Photo Central!

January 20, 2010

Today I was very honored to have been chosen to be interviewed by two groups of students (seven in total) from the Red River College Photography program.

This was for one of their courses on marketing but was just a general look at a local photographer with emphasis on what one does to market oneself.
I was very pleased to be able to help out upcoming photographers (although still don't know why they chose me, still being relatively new (5-6 years) to the business).

It was a really fun time, more like talking with friends, and they all left and thanked me for all the information.

As many people already know, I'm always happy to help out anyone interested in photography and do so on a very regular basis. Just yesterday I received an e-mail form a fellow photographer from the US about some gear I've reviewed and was happy to make some recommendations which went beyond the review.
So, if you have a class, project or just questions, feel free to contact me and I'll do my best to help out!

January 20, 2010

Sports photography: BDO Classic Canadian Open curling

January 19, 2010

Due to some last minute interest I have extended the deadline for "early bird" pricing to this Sunday. Also, if you would like to deliver your registration in person to make sure it gets here in time for the early bird pricing please contact me by e-mail to arrange a drop-off.
*As of this coming Monday, the workshop will be priced at $500 for everyone, and you will only then be able to pay at the door.

January 18, 2010

Just a reminder to anyone still interested that the final day for "early bird" pricing of my "Going Pro" workshop is this Thursday. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

January 18, 2010

Meeting with Destination Winnipeg to discuss their photo needs for 2010. Lots of great work from them on the way!

January 17, 2010

Concert photography: Blue Rodeo

January 17, 2010

Commercial photo shoot for Hooters Winnipeg: Photos for advertisements in the Winnipeg Sun (newspaper).

January 15, 2010

The Winnipeg Photo Community/Photo Central gala opening was a huge success with well over 100 people attending in just two hours. Thanks again to all the winners as well as all those who brought in food!

The gallery will be open until February 11 for anyone interested in seeing it. (Always free entrance!)

This is a time-lapse of the gala event itself:

Click for the video

January 14, 2010

Tomorrow I am hosting the gala opening of my photo communities' 3rd gallery at Photo Central. Anyone who likes photography/art is welcome to attend!
The event is from 6pm to 8pm at Photo Central at 499 Notre Dame.

Hope to see you there!

January 14, 2010

Today with the help of WPC club members Dave B. and Bruce H.we set up the 3rd WPC/PC community gallery.

Here is a time-lapse I created of the setup process:

Click for the video

January 13, 2010

Concert photography: Guns n' Roses

January 12, 2010

Photographie à bût commerciale pour le Collège universitaire de Saint-Boniface: Portraits de professeurs.

January 11, 2010

I just bought a new house!
Well...sort of, check out this video: New house?

January 9, 2010

Had a GREAT turnout to the LW4-1 with several people registering at the door.

The feedback I got was really great too:
-"Presentation was awesome!" -Rick
-"The workshop was incredibly informative and the models stunning! When you have your 2nd workshop, I shall be there." -Kristie
-"I learned a lot about things that I was doing wrong, and about a few things that I wasn't doing at all. **BTW Dan, leave the posing to the**" -Mukesh
-"Very informative and learned so much even just watching the shooting and talking to others." -Shannon
-"I had already attended the previous off camera flash workshop but I picked up even more from this one. The whole atmosphere was very relaxed." -John

Huge thanks to all those who attended!
The next one will be at the end of February (or mid-March).

January 8, 2010

There are still several spots available for both shooters and attendees for the LW4-1 lighting workshop tomorrow. If you want to attend you can just sign up at the door with cash in hand!

January 5, 2010

Today I was absolutely privileged to shoot not one but two parts of the Olympic Torch Relay as it came through Manitoba.
The first part was for Air Canada, covering two of their international employees (one from Miami, Florida and the other from London, England) who were both were torch bearers who's legs were in Steinbach, Manitoba.
Huge thanks to both Deb and Miguel who I didn't ever have to tell to smile as they were SO happy to be a part of the relay!

Second, I covered the whole event at the Forks for Parks Canada. Which included thousands of people being right in the middle of the Forks itself which was spectacular to see despite the extremely cold weather. Way to go Winnipeg!

This was an amazing event to be a part of!

January 5, 2010

Photojournalism: Olympic Torch Relay at the Forks for Parks Canada

January 5, 2010

Photojournalism: Air Canada torch bearers in Steinbach at the Olympic Torch Relay

January 4, 2010

Tonight I hosted another one of my WPC meetings.

January 4, 2010

Commercial architectural photography: Interiors and VR (virtual reality tour) photography for the Wellington retirement home.
January 3, 2010

A special present in the cold of winter for your viewing pleasure: never before released helicopter shots from over Winnipeg in the late summer.

Helicopter over WInnipeg

January 1, 2010

In celebration of the new year, here's a big shot from the New Years Eve fireworks at the Forks which were the best I've seen in five years of addicted fireworks shooting!

Click for a much larger image

January 1, 2010

Thinking back on all the amazing experiences I had over 2009 was spectacular!

I shot three destination weddings in Cuba, Montreal and Calgary (and several here at home). I shot for dozens of my regular clients throughout the year and I was also able to work with several new clients.

Thinking back I just want to thank everyone that helped me in 2009! (Not that any of them visit here, but it's the thought that counts! HA!)
I also look forward to working with all my return clients including the Canadian Museum of Human Rights, Power97, Festival du Voyageur, Travel Manitoba, the YMCA, the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba, Destination Winnipeg and several others, I won't be able to list them all here.

Thanks so much for a great 2009 and I'm already looking forward to 2010
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